Custom Skylights, Canopies, Solariums and more…

  • Deck canopy by K

    Stay outside - with a canopy to cover your deck

  • Solarium by K

    Turn your room into a Solarium

  • Sunroom with pyramid roof by K

    Sunroom with pyramid roof

  • Ridge-Lite Canopy over BBQ by K

    Ridge-Lite canopy over BBQ

  • Ridge-Lite by K


  • Enjoy the rain - get a Canopy above your porch by K

    Enjoy the rain - get a Canopy above your porch

  • Hip-Ridge by K

    Hip-Ridge Skylight

  • Entrance canopy by K

    Protect your entrance with a Canopy

  • Deck canopy by K

    Stay outside - with a canopy to cover your deck

  • Box-frame skylight over carport by K

    Box frame skylight over carport

  • Canopy at Luxury Home Design Show 2015 Vancouver 2

    Canopy at Luxury Home & Design Show 2015, Vancouver

The Team

Our “goal” is to distinguish ourselves through high quality overhead glazing solutions and excellent customer service. Our “passion” is what drives us to deliver outstanding solutions on time and within your preferred budget.

Karsten Scharf

Karsten Scharf (Co-Owner)

Karsten immigrated to Canada from Germany in 2007 and he immediately started building his new career in British Columbia. Customer satisfaction has always been Karsten’s passion. He started as an account representative for an international aluminum extrusion company. He then moved on to a local skylight company. During his five year tenure he received a promotion to their regional sales manager before cofounding his own company. Being at K&W Glass Innovations fulfills Karsten’s dream to show his passion for customer relations in the skylight business to his clients. K&W delivers on budget, on time, and includes full customer satisfaction.
Call Karsten at: 604-319-0723

Wayne Dueck (Co-Owner)

Having been born and raised in British Columbia, Wayne understands the unique demands of our climate. He started in the skylight business before he finished high school. Continuing in the skylight business after graduation, he developed a passion for skylight installations and continues to strive for perfection. He was employed full time for over 10 years achieving the position of site manager for several projects at the same time. He always knew that he wanted to have his own company one day. Working with Karsten for several years, he knew this would be the ideal combination; to provide superior customer service with his passion of skylight and canopy installation. K&W Glass Innovations was born.
Call Wayne at: 604-319-5813

Benjamin Wilson (Installer)

Born in Australia, Ben met his girlfriend (from BC) in Brisbane in 2012. Ben met Wayne in 2014 when he was working with him on the Bloedel Conservatory replacing all the acrylic domes. After project completion, he had to go back to Australia temporarily. Ben contacted Wayne at the end of 2015 and inquired if he was currently hiring because Wayne had informed him that he left his employment to start his own business with Karsten. It worked out well and Ben started working for K&W mid-2016. Ben: “I love working at K&W because both Wayne and Karsten genuinely care about their employees. They are business owners who like to laugh and make jokes, but they also care about their work and want the best outcome for both their clients and their business because they take pride in their reputation.”
Kristopher Keil

Kristopher Keil (Installer)

Kris was born and raised in Coquitlam BC. With a hands-on attitude and a love for the outdoors he found himself working here at K&W. Coming from an auto mechanic background, having transitioned into auto glass, and onto his new position with Wayne, Karsten and Ben. Kris: “I came into this with minimal formal glazing experience, not knowing what exactly I was getting into and have loved it since day one. Working outside, bringing plans and drawings to reality, and leaving a finished project we know the customer will love is my ultimate goal and I try to bring my best to the table every day.”


“Let the light into your house!”

  • Square Skylight
  • Ride Light
  • Skylight over pool
  • Skylight roof top view
  • Hide Ride detail
  • Hide Ride Canopy
  • Entrance canopy and skylight
  • Fixed skylight 4'x4'

Custom box-frame skylights, lean-to skylights, ridge-lite skylights (with and without glass gable ends), pyramid skylights, triangle skylights, round skylights (limited with sizes), octagon skylights, pool skylights or any other custom shaped skylight – we will work with you to turn your dream into reality. We also have standard drop-on skylights with electric or manual opener available, or simply fixed drop-on skylights.  We will help you to meet your budget.

To meet BC code requirements, the pressure system skylight is your best choice of skylight over a heated area. From a 9/16” slim base rafter up to a strong 6” rafter – with and without inserts for additional strength – K&W Glass Innovations will find the right skylight for any point of your roof. Give us a call for your skylight needs and we will be happy to discuss design opportunities with you to get natural light into your house.

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“Enjoy the Rain!”

Entrance canopies, deck canopies, porch canopies, carport canopies, trellis glazing or any other single glazed overhead glazing – the variety of single glazed applications varies and K&W Glass Innovations can provide it all. 

Different from other companies, K&W Glass Innovations exclusively provides laminated glass for your safety. From a wood supported skin system over fully aluminum structures – Pressure System or T-bar System – K&W Glass Innovations will find the right solution for you to meet your budget.  Call us now to start your new experience.

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  • Patio canopy

    Canopy as patio cover

  • Roof extension after

    Canopy as roof extension

  • Canopy over balcony door

    Canopy over balcony door

  • Canopy over main entrance

    Canopy over entrance

  • Solarium over deck

    Canopy over deck from outside

  • Solarium over deck from inside

    Canopy over deck from inside

  • Glass roof

    Glass roof

  • Entrance Canopy

    Entrance canopy

  • Pressure Canopy

    Pressure system canopy

  • Canopy over porch

    Canopy over porch


“Whatever your skylight or canopy needs are, we’ll work with you to turn it into reality.”

Wanna let the light in?

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  • Custom Canopies
  • Drop-on Skylights
  • Entrance Canopies
  • BBQ Cover
  • Solariums / Sunrooms
  • Skylight replacement
  • Skylight renovation

Karsten Scharf
T: 604-319-0723

Wayne Dueck
T: 604-319-5813


#4 – 145 Schoolhouse Street
Coquitlam, BC
V3K 4X8

#4 – 145 Schoolhouse Street
Coquitlam, BC
V3K 4X8


API Construction Ltd has used K&W Glass Innovations Ltd. for all of our projects requiring skylight work.

Karsten & Wayne have always displayed a very conscientious work ethic with regard to their extensive and varied experience as professional glaziers and they expect that same level of professionalism from their crews as well.

I have no reservations to highly recommend K&W to our clients because we know that they take great pride in completing quality work.

Mark Ashcroft

K and W Glass Innovations Ltd is a company I enthusiastically recommend.  It is  most refreshing to deal with a company that values integrity, competency and punctuality as key elements of their business.  Their organization and attention to detail moved the project smoothly, which resulted in a most satisfied client.

Mike Morgan

Excellent impressive work replacing old skylights over a 35 foot long passageway. Professional, skilled and pleasant people to work with. I can highly recommend K&W.

Anthony Townsend

I am very happy with the service by Karsten and Wayne, and shall recommend them to my friends when opportunities arise. They are conscientious and pleasant. They went out of their way to return, unsolicited, to install extra flashing to two skylights that were optional and which I didn’t know might need it.

Richard Moore

We had a unique situation where we wanted to preserve the wood window frames of our house but upgrade the glass to current energy efficient standards. K&W Glass Innovations Ltd. did an amazing job. They were professional, courteous and paid particular attention to detail of the finished product. It is important to follow through with a planned schedule of work their work ethic was beyond reproach. K&W recommended a painter & coordinated with him to refinish all the exterior wood window frames and inspected the final finished windows & frames. They were respectful of our home and furnishings when moving furniture in the home to make way for their work. A pleasure to work with. We were more than pleased with the end result and would not hesitate to recommend them to prospective customers. Thanks Wayne & Karsten for your hard work and dedication. We love the new windows.

Linda Gallagher-Pugh

We contracted K&W Glass to provide their expertise and pricing to cover 3 large ventilation shafts on a 100yr old building in Feb 2015. There was heavy decay from top to bottom as the vent shafts had been left open to the elements for their first 100 years of life! We required a very specific canopy glass system that would stand the test of time, shed water, look great and protect the property from any further erosion for many years to come. Of the 3 firms we received quotes from, K&W’s price was right in the middle. Knowing the experience and combined years of the leaders at K&W, we felt more than confident in our decision to select them as our contractor and the end result far exceeded our expectations. Our client is also ecstatic with the finished product! We will continue to use K&W Glass for all of our future projects and definitely recommend them for all of your commercial or residential skylight, glass and canopy projects

Brad Gordon

Karsten and Wayne are skilled installers with many years of experience. The installation was done on time and on budget. Highly recommended. JKC


Really experienced people. They know all the science related to fenestrations. If you want to have your skylights/canopies/windows replaced, I would definitely suggest K&W. Thanks Karsten for everything.


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